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About Me

Tecumseh Ceaser is a indigenous artist, cultural consultant, and Wampum Carver. He is of Matinecock Turkey clan, Montaukett, and Unkechaug descent. his ancestors are quahog peoples, ocean peoples, and that is what calls him to carve shells in a traditional way.

 He has been making Art & jewelry for 15 years, carving quahog shells since 2016. In doing so, he continues this ancient tradition of creating wampum carvings and beads historically used in ceremonies, regalia, gifts, trade agreements, and treaty belts.


Tecumseh currently serves as the North American Advisor for the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus at the United Nations, where he advocates for Indigenous Americans' rights to member states, NGOs, and other indigenous nations. A big part of his current community work has been working on cultural revitalization, preservation, and the repatriation of stolen ancestors through the Graves Protection Warriors Society. He is currently in residence at Flushing Town Hall, AND THE Queens Museum of Art. Tecumseh is based in New York.City.

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