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  • Guest Speaking

  • Cultural programing

  • Opening Statements 

  • Panel Discussions

  • Teaching Artist

  • Classroom Visits 

  • School Assemblies 

        In addition to creating art, I am also do cultural consulting services to help break barriers and educate others about Native American culture, history, and people. Being from the local tribes in Queens, Long Island and the Northeast.  I am able to give unique insight to who the local tribes are and their history. I am an active Native educator both in and out of the local communities. 

I work with my tribes and sister tribes on many different initiatives such as cultural revitalization, language revitalization, cultural preservation, repatriation of Native graves and funerary items, and advocacy work. My direct active connection to my community whose territories are in NYC and beyond allows me to help give a voice to the people who have and whose voices have been hidden by erasure. I work to address and close the tremendous gap in knowledge about indigenous peoples of the United States. Through my presentations, I educate groups and give context to the history of Native Americans both past and present. 

I believe it is important to create more opportunities for local tribes whose ancestors’ territory they are on to be able to speak on behalf of their ancestors themselves. Often I think our voices are overlooked because many people are unaware we are still here. New York City has one of the largest urban Native populations. This Native population is a combination of people from many different tribes across Turtle Island. However, the local Natives whose ancestors are from these territories or have ancestral ties to land here are often overlooked because they are the minority within the Native New York community. Through my presentations and consultancy work, I am able to give voice to my ancestors who have lived here for 10,000 years and also help elevate the voices of my sister tribes and relatives whose ancestors have been here. We are the voice of our ancestors in this place. 

As a wampum maker, I play a role in my community not only as a wampum worker but also as a holder of knowledge. Wampum has a complex history and culture to it. The history of Wampum is rich, it is one the ways we originally recorded our history. Knowing those things helps to give insight to who we are as a people both past and present.

Past clients include: FAO United Nations, Ford foundation, Alfred University, Flushing Town hall, ST. Johns University, Columbia University, NYU, and WeRNative. 

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